What Are Black Journalists Allowed To Say About Race?

interesting, very very interesting how major news or sports media scapegoat around the subject of racism. How women aren't respected as much as men are. ESPN are you also part of the problem of shadowing facts. Of truth being told, in the media on television or even on twitter. As we all know when Obama was in the Whitehouse there were cartoons about his citizenship, even Trumpkin stated serveral times that Obama was not born in America. So it's different now huh a very different story, we as African Americans can't say what the white Americans say and do? Are you ESPN a diversity type of organization, that support all types of journalism woman's opinions, as well as thoughts. Something to think about huh!! Women are just as important as a man, just think for a moment. Can a man, and I am not speaking of transsexuals get pregnant, give birth? We gotta get it right women should have equal rights as much as a man because without a woman there can be no man... I think women no matter of creed or color can be as successful as any man, when not being treated unfairly or discriminated against simply because they are females.