Rolling Stones' Mick Jagger to undergo heart surgery this week, reports say

Reports in the US say that Sir Mick Jagger, the iconic lead singer of the Rolling Stones, is set to undergo surgery this week, to replace a damaged valve in his heart.

At the weekend, they postponed the US leg of their current tour , so that Sir Mick could undergo medical treatment, after he was told by doctors he could not perform.

According to the New York Post's "Page Six" site, Jagger has a damaged valve in his heart, and is set to receive a stent, sparking worries about the veteran musician's health.

Image: A stent is put inside the heart to keep arteries open The 75-year-old once appeared to epitomise sex, drugs and rock and roll, but his hedonistic lifestyle is now firmly in the past.

He gave up drugs when he met his second wife, Jerry Hall, and rarely drinks alcohol.

Advertisement Image: Jagger has put his drug fuelled past behind him in recent years He is also known to eat and drink healthily and exercise regularly, with some claiming he runs up to eight miles a day, in an effort to maintain his famous 28-inch-waist.

He was even spotted on a Miami beach on Sunday, allaying worries that the singer is seriously ill.

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Sky Views: The Rolling Stones have still got it They are still a contemporary phenomenon as demonstrated by the scale, expense and popularity of their tour.

But despite being in peak physical condition, the singer has not avoided health problems, and will undergo surgery in a New York hospital this week.

Jagger will reportedly receive a stent, which is a small metal tube that is inserted into the body to open up arteries.

Procedures usually involve inserting the tube into an artery using a small inflated balloon-like device, before it is removed, leaving the stent in place.

Patients often see a quick recovery when getting a stent and can be out of the hospital just 24 hours after the surgery.

Image: Reports say that Mick Jagger is set to receive a stent in order to replace a damaged valve There are also some suggestions that Jagger may receive keyhole surgery on his chest, and get a replacement heart valve instead.

If left untreated, a blocked artery or damaged valve could lead to a heart attack, which would have far worse consequences for Jagger.

The US leg of the Rolling Stones' "No Filter" tour was set to begin in Miami in just a few weeks, but has since been postponed.

On Sunday, Jagger told his fans "I really hate letting you down like this... but I will be working very hard to be back on the road as soon as I can."