British pop star Sam Smith admitted to hospital while holidaying in New Zealand

British singer Sam Smith has been admitted to hospital for an eye operation during his holiday in New Zealand.

The singer is rumoured to have been in New Zealand since early January , after being seen arriving on January 3 by news media. He is rumoured to be staying in Auckland.

Before midday Wednesday, the global pop star took to Instagram to reveal he was going to have an operation for an eye infection.

It started with a picture of his swollen eye: "I know you're probably sick of seeing my stye, but I don't care, I think it's beautiful."

HIs online coverage moved on to a hospital setting, with the singer sporting an eye patch, talking about the upcoming operation.

"I'm f scared, but also super hyped that I get to wear this pirate patch.

"I'm being super dramatic, it's like a 15 minute operation lol."

What followed was a series of snaps of his eye post operation, with the left eye red and inflamed.

"Single, sexy and sassy" was the caption.

The Stay With Me star then posted another pic sporting a heavily bandaged eye and eye patch with he caption "Stye with me".