Bette Midler: People Refusing to Wear Masks in Public 'Just Demented'


have interviewed a 20-year Army career nurse, a 20-year penal system nurse, a

respiratory therapist, an ICU nurse, two microbiologists, someone who was

active in medical services for the fire department for five years and is currently performing

medical services for the sheriff’s department, which he has done for 20 years,

and who prior to that served in an ambulance and as a hospital ER trauma tech

for four years,

and a doctor with several medical doctorate degrees and they all say the same

thing - a mask is only a muzzle, nothing more. They are scientifically

ineffective and only serve as a placebo. Further there are videos all over the internet from acclaimed doctors and specialists in their field who also say that the masks are unnecessary and do not work. They have been proven to give a false

sense of security and most are meant to be for single-use only. Further, I have talked to a deaf person who

communicates by reading lips and now because everyone's mouths are covered, she

cannot communicate with anyone and is isolated in her own small world. Her freedom of [her] speech is now being

discriminated against and taken away. Additionally,

another person attests that she had to go to a doctor’s appointment and the

nurse stopped her at the door and made her put on a mask (which she normally

does not wear). She walked to the lab,

and then waited in the waiting room. When

the nurse called her in for her appointment, she took the woman’s blood oxygen

saturation level. It was 86 and her normal is usually 97-98 (per the Mayo

Clinic “normal

oxygen saturation levels as measured by pulse oximetry range from 95% to 100%.

Values under 90% are considered low”). Thus, the mask reduced her oxygen saturation intake. She said she

felt like she was suffocating and said she will never wear a mask again!! If you’re compromised and live in fear (which

you are labeling as “precautions”, by all means stay at home. The masks/muzzles that people are wearing with

the American flag on them or any kind of group or seemingly patriotic symbol are

totally baffling to me, as it's not American to be muzzled. I am tired of being told I should be charged

with and tried for homicide if I do not wear a mask. When people wear a mask, their speech is

muffled and the oftentimes cannot be heard or understood. Muffling speech is anti-Constitutional and

against our First Amendment rights. With

a 99.98+% survival rate, this virus is not a death sentence. Do your homework, end the muffling of your

speech - Stop the insanity!