Ansel Elgort Denies Sexual Assault Allegations: 'Simply Not What Happened'

It simply comes down to this:

If subject of accusation is R; the accuser, if female MUST be believed.

If subject of accusation is D; the accuser, if female MUST be subject to extensive personal defamation.

I definitely never agreed to the above conditions. Since the causes of such conditions have been written about extensively, I won't weigh in there.

The point is that we are now here. Something needs to be done to correct some major flaws.

Personal responsibility for the integrity of the voting process, for the legal right of self-defense, and the WHOLE of our 1st amendment rights have all become matters of present urgency.

Contact all your reps, at all levels, and request a reply to serious, reasonable (and courteous, if possible) questions about what they are specifically doing to curb the violence associated with recent "civil unrest," that clearly is intended to threaten all of these mentioned rights, and more.

Then do your best to broadcast, within 3 or 4 weeks, if those reps (both D and R) either (a) did not respond, (b) do not have any specific ideas in mind--beyond lip service, or (c) actually have solid, productive ideas that warrant support.


Sleepy-headed Rs need to stop getting surprised by teenagers. Get some for our side. The time to fight back with their rules is long past.