The Walking Dead has condemned itself for all time

I am not fully decided yet whether the (new) writers of walking dead are mad geniuses or insane yet

I actually lean more towards the first option right now (which is quite the turnaround compared to how down so many were on TWD for some really stupid moves not too long ago)

Why do i have so mixed feelings about it?

Just think about this episode:

They have made the pretty much perfect ending for Rick Grimes.

I mean it would have been ace++ if it ended there, on that bridge.

It was so ace, i bet if it had ended there it would have maybe even gone into general series media history as one of the best character endings in any series ever.

No hyperbole.

Sure, it was getting a bit cheesy after a few times when each time he was close to die he’d wake up and evade the zombie army yet another time, but the flashbacks with other characters and his whole struggle was really so well done that it was hard to not like at all.

I was quite tense the whole time actually.

And overall it was just so perfect for Rick Grimes, one last time he gives his all for his people in a final inhuman struggle.


And then?

Then they suddenly completely flip it around and he survives.

Well, that’s the point at which i thought either they are mad geniuses (for having something even way better in store after this) or are just mad/insane (for point landing the perfect ending for your main character after so many years and then actually taking it back/invalidating it bare moments later, which would be quite stupid to do if they don’t have something quite good in store for later on which is better than this)

On the remainder of the unveilings about Judith/the future, well, i don’t want to push too many thoughts around about that, it could be great, end up with an own series or some flash forward segments, it could end up not getting much mention anymore or it could end up becoming stupid and destroying our whole interest in the current series if we already know what happens/ becomes the status quo way later.

(Especially if it goes nowhere good or much progress at all)

In either case, it has me more interested about what happens next right after this moment in the series now than i’ve been for a long time regarding TWD , so hey, hats off to you writers for achieving that.

Also for : really strong character/psychological/human touch segments with Maggie, Michone, even Daryl and Negan.

Yeah, that Negan.

Insane, i know