Review: NOS4A2’s second season is a satisfying, genuinely scary horror story

Thr2hrmrf wrote: Quote: jey9 wrote:

Is there a good story reason it has that name?


If you haven't guessed from the pic in the post above...

NOS4A2 (the license plate on the Wraith, name of the show) is a play on the word "Nosferatu" which was also the name of the German 1922 vampire horror silent film.

NOS = "...Nos..."

4 (kinda pronounced 'feur' and not 'four') = "...fer..."

A (pronounced 'ah' like) = "...a..."

2 = "...tu..."

The word "Nosferatu" is synonymous with "vampire"

Charlie Manx is a psychic "vampire" thus he is "Nosferatu" known in the show as "NOS4A2" on the Wraith license plate and the name of the show

No, I know the Nosferatu part. I've even seen the film.

I just think writing it out as NOS4A2 looks really, really stupid, even as a license plate. Like a Terminator spinoff called TERMIN8OR would get the same reaction from me.