photo courtesy of Adi Hasak's team The 1972 Olympics in Muni

photo courtesy of Adi Hasak's team The 1972 Olympics in Munich is probably most remembered for the tragic murder of 11 Israeli athletes and coaches by members of the Palestinian terrorist group Black September. A new TV series called “Margeaux” will tell the story of the attack from the both the Israeli and Palestinian points of view. It will focus on the title character, an Israeli Mossad psychologist, and a Palestinian coordinator of the massacre.

Partnering with Kew Media and Nordic Entertainment Group, Israeli writer-producer Adi Hasak (“Shades of Blue,” “Eyewitness”) is the creator and showrunner of the series. He brings a unique perspective on this subject as he was a victim of a terror attack as a young boy and years later was caught up in a cycle of violence as an Israeli paratrooper in 1980s Beirut.

“A meditation on violence and terrorism, gender politics, gay rights, redemption and love –‘Margeaux’ offers a unique perspective on who we used to be, and what has led to who we are today,” Hasak said in a statement. “I’m thrilled to have the enthusiastic support of NENT Group and Kew Media as my producing partners and distributors in this unique and international character-driven franchise.”

“Margeaux” will feature an international cast and be produced in multiple languages, including Hebrew, Arabic, English and German, and is scheduled to begin production this fall. International rights will be sold first, with a U.S. broadcast, cable or streaming deal to follow.