On 'SNL,' Flynn, Putin, Billy Bush, Hillary Clinton visit Trump as Christmas ghosts - NBC News

Baldwin was then visited by some ghosts of Christmas past. Flynn (Mikey Day), calling himself the “Ghost of Witness Flipped,” emerged from a cloud of fog and lamented his legal troubles.

“If only somebody had warned me about you,” Baldwin said.

“Well, President Obama did warn you not to hire me,” Day replied.

“I meant someone American,” Baldwin explained, referring to Trump’s erroneous “birther” crusade.

advertisement The next ghost: Billy Bush (Alex Moffatt), a former host on NBC’s “Today” and “Access Hollywood.” Bush came under fire after the release of a 2005 videotape in which Trump, then the host of NBC’s “The Apprentice,” made vulgar comments about women; Bush can be heard on the tape laughing.

“I’m looking pretty good in the NBC News division right about now,” Moffatt said, referring to the sexual misconduct allegations against Lauer, who was fired by NBC News on Wednesday.

The other ghosts: Russian President Vladimir Putin (Beck Bennett) and Hillary Clinton (McKinnon again).

“You have no idea how long I’ve wanted to say this,” McKinnon as Clinton told Day as Flynn. “Lock him up!”

Merry Christmas from the third ghost to visit President Trump - Hillary Rodham Clinton! #SNL

— Saturday Night Live - SNL (@nbcsnl) December 3, 2017 advertisement The episode, hosted by “Lady Bird” star Saoirse Ronan, revisited the subject of sexual misconduct in a satirical music video titled “Welcome to Hell.” In the video, the women of “SNL” joked that sexual harassment and assault are nothing new — in fact, women have been speaking out for “hundreds of years.”

“I guess no one, like, cared,” Aidy Bryant said.

“SNL” again took aim at Trump and Lauer during the “Weekend Update” segment.

“The good news for President Trump is that his tax plan just passed the Senate. The bad news is he might not be president long enough to sign it,” co-anchor Colin Jost said as a newspaper headline reading “Flynn Cooperating With Mueller” flashed on the screen.

“I have to say, it’s just refreshing to see a powerful man plead guilty for something that isn’t sexual harassment,” Jost added.

advertisement After a few more digs about the GOP tax plan and Trump’s latest tweets, Jost attempted to make light of the flood of sexual misconduct allegations.

“You just gotta announce the names every week like Powerball numbers,” Jost said, as pictures of Lauer, Russell Simmons and Garrison Keillor appeared on the screen.

The episode took a break from current events in most other sketches. Ronan gamely poked fun at her Irish heritage throughout the night, devoting part of her monologue to a song about the spelling of her first name. She has won critical acclaim for her lead role in “Lady Bird,” a coming-of-age comedy.