Harvey Weinstein allegations: Oscars call emergency meeting, call former Academy Award winner 'repugnant'

Following public revelations concerning alleged sexual abuser Harvey Weinstein , the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has issued a statement.

Picked up by The Hollywood Reporter , the Academy calls the disgraced producer “repugnant, abhorrent and antithetical” and says there will be an emergency meeting of the Board of Governors in response.

"The Academy finds the conduct described in the allegations against Harvey Weinstein to be repugnant, abhorrent and antithetical to the high standards of the Academy and the creative community it represents," the Academy said.

"The Board of Governors will be holding a special meeting on Saturday, 14 October, to discuss the allegations against Weinstein and any actions warranted by the Academy.”

Weinstein has been a member of the Academy for over 20 years, being a major player at the Oscars for many of those years.

Miramax and The Weinstein Co., two companies Weinstein founded, have launched five best picture winners — The English Patient, Shakespeare in Love, Chicago, The King's Speech and The Artist — with Weinstein taking home a statuette for producing Shakespeare in Love .

The Academy has not suspended Weinstein’s membership yet, unlike the British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTAs), which has.

The New York Times initially reported allegations against Weinstein, multiple more actors coming forward, including Gwyneth Paltrow, Angelina Jolie, and Lea Seydoux.