episode 1 had an Ed Sheeran reference you might have missed

The season eight premiere of Game of Thrones appeared to feature a reference to Ed Sheeran who cameoed in season seven .While wasting no time in putting the bustling ensemble in place for the show’s final six episodes, the new installment - the HBO show’s first since August 2017 – found a spare moment to seemingly reference the singer’s character.In the season seven premiere, which was broadcast in 2017, Sheeran played a Lannister soldier whose singing captured the attention of Arya Stark (Maisie Williams).From extras.However, if one of Bronn's prostitutes is to be believed, it seems the singer was scorched off-screen just episodes later in “The Spoils of War”, which saw Daenerys (Emilia Clarke) wipe out Lannister forces – just before Drogon takes a bolt to the head.."You know that boy Eddie?" she says. "He came back with his face burnt off. He’s got no eyelids now."The reference is no doubt a nod to the negative response to Sheeran’s controversial cameo. His appearance was the last in a long line of small roles for musicians, a compilation of which you can see below.