Dua Lipa wins Best New Artist at the Grammys in first big British win of the night

Dua Lipa has taken home the Grammy Award for Best New Artist, in the first major British win of this year's ceremony.The "New Rules" singer made an emotional speech as she accepted the prize, and looked genuinely shocked to be announced as the winner."Thank you so much. I guess I want to begin by saying how honoured I am to be nominated along so many incredible female artists," she said. For month"I guess this year we've really stepped up. I wanna say a really big thank you to my fans who have allowed me to be this version of myself."I wanna say thank you to my team who have been by my side, to Oscar, to Ben, to Cathy, to Hannah, to Grace, who have worked so tirelessly and been by my side. To my family."She added a shaky: "Oh my god, I'm so nervous and so grateful. Anyone who hasn't realised how special they are, how different, who has a name that honours their background... never let anything get in the way of your dreams. I believe in you."