BJFF Offers Opportunity to Watch New Israeli TV Series

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Could “ Unchained ” be the next “ Shtisl ” or “ Unorthodox ?” Find out by watching this award-winning new Israeli TV series set in the insular Haredi community. This special Boulder JCC presentation, offered for the month of August, includes a link to all episodes in the first season, and a panel discussion on Monday, August 31 at 5:00 pm.

“ Unchained ” is a fascinating detective drama and a quirky personal story of love and identity that tells multiple tales each episode. Its title refers to so-called chained women – agunah – whose husbands refuse to give them the religious divorce, or gett, that would allow them to move on with their lives.

Yossef (Aviv Alush, “ Beauty and the Baker ,” “ Women’s Balcony ”) is a devout but volatile rabbi working for Israel’s Rabbinic Court whose unconventional methods to help free women display a touch of obsession. At home, he faces a mystery in the person of his enigmatic wife Hannah (Avigail Kovary, “ Red Cow ”).

He struggles to save his own marriage just as he frees women from a cruel bondage.

Nominated for 12 Israeli Academy Awards, including Best Drama Series, Best Director, Best Actor, Best Actress

“Spectacular! An exhilarating and rewarding experience. Profoundly moving.” (Yedioth Aharonoth)

“Smart and wondrous direction of an intelligent script.” (Haaretz)

“Alive and kicking script; A smart, brash and thought-provoking series.” (Maariv)


“ Unchained ” is not available through the usual streaming channels but the producers have made the series available for our community for a 20% discount using THIS LINK . You have the whole month of August to binge watch this show and then join us for a panel discussion with several guest speakers, moderated by Boulder Jewish Film Festival Founding Director, Kathryn Bernheimer. Share with a friend!