BET & La La Anthony Take an Intimate Look at Butt Augmentation

I watched the show and this show was a good start to the conversation about augmentation. But when are we going to have the real conversations about breast augmentations and the “acceptable” procedure of fat transfer. Watching the show, it was a poo poo at illegal buttshots but not plastic surgery in general. Where the real conversations about true body acceptance and the promotion of exercising and eating right to change things one may not like. Not a right now fix, but a gradual lifestyle fix. They say this is the “right now” generation, so why not promote things that are positive and realistic. Many of the Instagram models, which men and women look at as the authority on beauty unfortunately, often promote exercise AFTER a clearly obvious procedure. I just thought the show was ok with shock factors showing some really serious issues that can happen because of the black market shots. But why is fat transfer not being talked about in the same way because to be honest, La La was the narrator for the show and she honestly looked a lot different face and especially body wise a few years ago. I can’t say that she got augmentations to her face and body, but I can say that she looks very different than when we used to watch her on MTV and it’s not just age that has changed her.