Arrests Made in Quadruple Homicide Case in New York State

Before I begin, full disclosure: I practice law in Rensselaer County, where the City of Troy (actually Lansingburgh, and people from the ‘Burgh get pissed when they’re lumped in with Troy) is located, although primarily in the area of Family Law, with a little Criminal Law thrown in when it invovles a Family Court matter. \n\n I haven’t spoken with any of the attorneys or anybody from their offices, since it looked like one of the men was arraigned with an attorney from the Conflict Defender’s Office and I’m assuming the other was arraigned with an attorney from the Public Defender. (The Public Defender and Conflict Defender are essentially the same thing, just seperate offices to handle cases where there is a legal conflict) They were arraigned on the murder chrages, but both the police and DA aren’t saying much, so there isn’t a lot of information out there. But, before you get all happy that they’re going to be prosecuted for these crimes, just remember that the DA is Joel Abelove. Indicted Joel Abelove. This man: The Rensselaer County District Attorney who nearly fucked up another murder case because one of their primary witnesses performed acts of bestiality, which she recorded. I hope that these women and children get the justice they deserve, I just have no faith in the Prosecution.