Tom Brady: New England Patriots roster cuts 20 years off QB's age

Tom Brady is heading into his 20th season with the New England Patriots . He's coming off his sixth Super Bowl title and probably feels like he has plenty left in the tank. But I must say that it would be a stretch to call Brady a 22-year-old. The Patriots quarterback — who turned 42 this month — shared a photo on Instagram from the Patriots' official roster. It listed his experience correctly at 20 years. His age, though, was listed as "22." By that math, Brady would have launched his career as a toddler, which seems unlikely. Brady particularly got a kick out of the typo. Quote: : "Finally they got my age right!!!" Hey, if Brady feels like a 22-year-old, that's all that matters to the Patriots. Follow For The Win 's Andrew Joseph on Twitter @AndyJ0seph . If you love talking football, we have the perfect spot for you. Join our Facebook Group, The Ruling Off the Field , to engage in friendly debate and conversation with fellow football fans and our NFL insiders.