Southern Cayuga Girls Basketball Uses Excellent Passing To Top Union

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Southern Cayuga’s Lauren Sherman looks to make a pass against Union Springs at Southern Cayuga High School Tuesday.

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A Voyage to Irwin Library Yields Research Opportunities Only a couple of copies of the book Atlas to Cook’s Third Voyage, 1776-1780 (London, 1784) exist. Butler’s Irwin Library owns one of them, and on a recent Thursday morning, sophomore Rachel Counts was looking at a map in the atlas, which details Capt. James Cook’s three voyages to the South Seas.

She was putting together a proposal for a research project as part of the course “Close Encounters,” a first-year seminar History Professor Paul Hanson teaches for History and Anthropology majors. Her topic was linguistics, and she was looking at the different spellings on Cook’s map’Owyhee for what we now know as Hawaii, Niphon for Japan, Corea for Korea’as she and her classmates familiarized themselves with the kinds of primary-source materials that are available in the library’s collection.

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