Macy Patton, West Carrollton

Name: Macy Patton

School: West Carrollton

Sports: Cheerleading and softball

Class: 2019

Age: 16

Claim to fame: American Idol, season 17

Bet you didn’t know: I played Ariel in West Carrollton’s production of the Little Mermaid

Toughest opponent/why: Lebanon because their softball team is really good

Favorite book: Ana’s Story

Favorite movie: Loving

Favorite TV show: One Tree Hill

Michael Buble

Favorite pro athlete/why: Laurie Hernandez because she is very young, an amazing gymnast and humble

Favorite smell: Pecan pumpkin

Roast, carrots and potatoes

Game-day rituals: Listening to music and stretching

Words you live by: Don’t let someone’s idea of you interfere with God’s purpose for you

Biggest influence/why: My parents because they are so supportive of me

I am most annoyed by: When my sister takes my clothes and when people are so disparaging about my school


Most embarrassing moment: When I recorded a video of myself doing a backflip on the trampoline and bounced off and fell on my back

In 10 years, I’ll be: Somewhere making music

Best thing about softball: Being around my teammates and learning new skills

Worst thing about softball: When games get rained out

Vegetable I just won’t eat: Cauliflower

Favorite junk food: Rice Krispy treats

English and Government

Person whose brain you’d like to pick: Mr. Coleman

When I’m bored, I like to: Listen to music and work out

Worst habit: I wrinkle my face really bad. I do it so often I have a wrinkle on my face

On your bedroom walls: Pictures of music notes and pictures of my family and friends