James holding private workouts: Report,

LOS ANGELES • Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James is reportedly hosting "safe" workouts with one or two teammates at a time in anticipation of the restart of the National Basketball Association (NBA) season.

Sports website Stadium reported on Thursday that the forward was holding workouts in a "secure" and closed-off private location with selected teammates.

According to the report, those involved had been tested and cleared of the Covid-19 disease with social distancing measures in place.

NBA safety protocols for the coronavirus pandemic state that no more than four players can be on court at the same time and they have to be separate from one another.

James' initiative has also been adopted by several Los Angeles Clippers players, who are "doing the same in terms of working out and getting together on the court".

Not all teams are cleared to work out in their own facilities due to varied regulations from state to state and even for facilities that have been opened, only individual workouts are permitted.

NBA commissioner Adam Silver said earlier this month he hoped to have a read on whether the league could play in the next "two to four weeks".

Reports indicate the league is progressing in a plan to use a "campus environment", which Silver has referenced previously as the safest route to a return, including links to the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida, and Las Vegas.

A controlled environment where the risk of contracting Covid-19 is as minimal as possible so that the remainder of the regular season - there are as many as 18 games left for some teams - and the play-offs can be carried out will be key to the league's restart, said Milwaukee Bucks general manager Jon Horst on Thursday.

"I have complete confidence if there's a way for us to return to basketball, return to play, in a healthy and safe manner, for our players, the public and people that would be involved, that our league will figure out how to do it," he added.

The NBA has been on hiatus since March 11.

4 Or fewer players can be on court at the same time under the NBA training safety protocols during the coronavirus pandemic.