Cougars trying to balance preparing for game and enjoying Hawaiian experience

This experiment is over. It is time now to make a decision as to whether or not BYU wants to support athletics. The real decision is now centered on finding a new AD and replacing the entire coaching staff of the football team. If BYU is serious about football, they need to make the hard decision. I am tired of hearing all of the excuses. We are either in or we get out. Everything from going independent to thinking that the ESPN contract would suddenly make a difference has been proven false. Get back into a conference where playing for something means something. Rebuild the program from the ground up. Bring someone in who knows recruiting. The players are out there. BYU has simply not been finding them or letting other schools out recruit them. There are plenty of good recruits that can meet the academic requirements. You can find many of them at Stanford and other top academic schools that play sports.