The Amazing Race's Rowah And Amani 'Outraged' By Disqualification Of Teen Runner For Wearing Hijab

When Rowah Hassan and Amani Mawass chose to appear on The Amazing Race Australia, they knew that being two Muslim women in hijabs on a reality show would be met with mixed reactions.

Nonetheless, the mother and daughter duo “wanted to show people that Muslim women are empowering” and that “wearing a scarf doesn’t restrict us from doing things like that and getting out there”.

Now Rowah and Amani have spoken out in support of 16-year-old Ohio student Noor Alexandria Abukaram , who was disqualified from an athletics race by officials who said her hijab violated the uniform policy.

“I thought we were in 2019, why is this still going on?” 42-year-old Rowah told HuffPost Australia.