Sunshine Coast blaze may have been arson

Three Queensland teenagers are being interviewed by police after allegedly boasting on the internet that they lit a devastating fire on the Sunshine Coast.

The teens reportedly used a local chat room to admit to lighting the fast-moving Peregian fire on Monday afternoon.

There are conflicting reports about property losses from the fire, which forced hundreds to flee on Monday.

The Peregian Beach Surf and Lifesaving Club posted on its Facebook page that they were sent a screenshot of an internet chat room message.

"It has been reported that three teenage boys handed themselves in after the screenshot was passed around by their friends," the surf club posted.

Police wouldn't confirm the teens came to their attention because of the message but have confirmed officers were speaking with the boys over a fire that started in bushland off Koel Circuit in Peregian Springs about 4.30pm on Monday.

No charges have been laid.

Just before 10am, the fire was quickly burning in a northerly direction, from Peregian Beach and Peregian Breeze Estate towards Marcus Beach and Weyba.

Residents in those areas have been ordered to leave.

Early on Friday, Queensland Fire and Emergency Services deputy Commissioner Mike Wassing said the loss of two homes and a shed had been confirmed in the Peregian Beach area.

But acting Sunshine Coast mayor Tim Dwyer says only one house is confirmed lost, with 10 other properties suffering varying degrees of damage.

It's believed they include local businesses.

Water bombers are battling the blaze from the sky as crews try to get the upper hand.

"At this stage, it won't be the solution. It's not going to be the magic wand, if you like, but that aerial assistance is certainly something that's very welcome this morning."