Outage, issues continue for CBA's NetBank

Commonwealth Bank customers have been unable to access their money as Australia's largest bank deals with two separate network issues.

Thousands were unable to login to the bank's online NetBank system from early on Monday morning.

"We're sorry - we realise this isn't the best start to a Monday and we appreciate your patience," the bank posted online.

Read Next The bank announced about 12.30pm AEST that transfers and payment had begun to work in the bank's apps but warned some users may find logins took "a little longer" than normal.

But its social media team later conceded it didn't know when all customers would be able to access NetBank.

"All I can say is that we are working really hard to get it fixed and we are aware that some customers have been able to log in intermittently," the bank posted online.

Concurrently, those using Visa cards issued by other banks were unable on Monday to make payments at businesses using CBA EFTPOS terminals.

As the bank sought to fix the payment issue, it asked businesses to switch to manual procedures including credit card imprinter plates.

Payments using the PayID system have also been affected with the bank telling customers those requests would be processed during an update overnight.