Love Island Australia's Maurice Was 'Gaslighting' Jessie Last Night. This Is What That Means.

The second night of Love Island Australia featured the first big argument between Maurice Salib and Jessie Wynter, leaving many viewers fuming and branding Maurice’s behaviour as ‘gaslighting’.

The 27-year-old media executive’s heated conversation with Jessie left the 23-year-old waitress feeling visibly uncomfortable as she told him, “It kind of feels like you’re putting words in my mouth”.

Gaslighting might be an unfamiliar word, but the experience will resonate with many people who have experienced controlling relationships. It describes a situation where one party psychologically manipulates the other, making them doubt their own version of events, or even their own sanity.

“You’re overthinking, I’ve just got to say it black and white... You fabricate this big scenario in your mind. It’s all in your head,” Maurice told Jessie when she expressed her concerns that he was more invested in generating publicity on the show than finding love.