LNP details claims against Whitsunday MP

Queensland's parliament has resumed for the year with an LNP politician detailing complaints from multiple women that led to the party's dumping of a former colleague last month.

The Liberal National Party expelled Whitsunday MP Jason Costigan last month after receiving a complaint that he had harassed an 18-year-old girl at a remote property in Victoria last month.

LNP member Jarrod Bleijie on Tuesday told parliament under privilege that the teenager feared Mr Costigan was going to rape her when she visited her grandparents' home to collect some of her belongings.

"In an initial complaint from the mother of the young woman, she said she feared she would be raped on the remote property by the member for Whitsunday," Mr Bleijie said.

She didn't know a shirtless Mr Costigan, 47, was at the home when she arrived, or who he was or why he was there.

Mr Bleijie said the pair met in the living room but Mr Costigan followed her into a bedroom and shut the door behind them.

"He touched her on the back and stroked her hair," he told parliament. '

"She didn't ask him or invite him to touch her.

"He told her she was pretty, he told her he liked young girls, he told her she should come to the Whitsundays to visit him and he would pay for her flights."

Mr Costigan then took selfies with the teen, who rushed to collect her things so she could leave.

"In her rush a piece of her underwear fell to the ground," Mr Bleijie said.

"He picked up the fallen underwear, he turned it over in his hands and told her he liked it."

The woman then left the property.

Mr Costigan, who was not in parliament for the first day of sittings for 2019, has strenuously denied any wrongdoing over that incident.

Mr Bleijie says more complaints have been made since the now independent MP was dumped from the party.

One woman has made a formal complaint of sexual harassment and stalking, while another alleges she witnessed the MP sexually assault her friend at a music festival.

That woman says Mr Costigan approached her friend from behind and rubbed himself against her.

Another woman has come forward to say she has screenshots of sexually explicit text messages sent to a then 16-year-old girl.

And another says he leered at a 17-year-old waitress to the point that she hid whenever he entered the cafe where she worked, parliament was told.

Sonia Kohlbacher