ommy Hilfiger traveled to Paris with American actress and global brand ambassador, Zendaya, to celebrate their collaboration inspired by ‘70s icons and the 1973 Battle of Versailles fashion show.

The experiential event celebrated inclusivity in fashion, with women’s runway looks available across an ecosystem of immediately shoppable channels in over 70 countries.

AMSTERDAM, THE NETHERLANDS (March 2, 2019) - Tommy Hilfiger, which is owned by PVH Corp. [NYSE: PVH], announces the Spring 2019 TOMMYNOW experiential runway event featuring the TommyXZendaya collaborative collection. The show celebrated and honored strong, iconic women of ‘70s American pop culture, as well as the 1973 Battle of Versailles fashion show and the powerful statement made by the American models who took to the catwalk.

The in-season TOMMYNOW runway show continues to bring the brand’s spirit to life with consumers globally. Since Fall 2016, the show has traveled to cities across North America, Europe and Asia, and every stop continues to infuse TOMMY HILFIGER with the youthful and optimistic energy of local audiences. “TOMMYNOW Presents TommyXZendaya ” took place on Saturday, March 2, 2019 at 9 p.m. CET, showcasing the Spring 2019 TommyXZendaya collaborative collection at the Théâtre des Champs-Élysées. The event built on the success of Tommy Hilfiger's signature “See Now, Buy Now” format, and runway looks were immediately available across an ecosystem of shoppable channels in more than 70 countries. トミー ヒルフィガーは 2019 年 9 月 8 日 ( 日 ) 午後 8 時 30 分 ( EST) より、 TommyXZendaya コレクションにフィー チャーした TOMMYNOW を、 NY のハーレムにあるアポロシア ターで開催しました。

この体験型ランウェイイベントは、世界中を旅して 5 シーズン発表 してきた後、トミー・ ヒルフィガーとアメリカの女優ゼンデイヤと共同でデザインされた 、 FALL 2019 TommyXZendaya コレクションを発表するために、 ニューヨークファッションウィークに戻ってきました。

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