Technology is key for boosting operational efficiencies

MUMBAI : The change covid-19 has brought in consumer behaviour has put energy companies on the road to rapid digitization.

Companies are redesigning customer experience using automation to fulfil the need of contactless services demanded by consumers. Automation, however, is also being brought in to improve operational efficiencies and performance across segments.

“Whether you look at any operation, how you redesign these systems and processes in a way that becomes not only contactless but also friction-free too is the key," said Pramod Agrawal, vice-president and regional CTO, Automation Anywhere Inc.

There is increased demand from companies to automate their functions, he said. “When they become friction-free they can deliver the kind of business agility you always wanted. Automation was always important to deliver an error-free operation."

A new energy order is emerging where digitization is no longer a luxury but a necessity and something that everyone has to embrace, said B. Anand, chief executive officer, Nayara Energy.

“The century old refining and marketing industry has its own set norms and mindsets, which are going in for some kind of recalibration post covid-19," said Anand. Nayara Energy is investing substantially in automating its functions, he said.

“For us, right from the refinery we are trying to understand how we can digitize aspects and into the corporate office as well. So, companies like us are investing substantially in making sure that one is gathering maximum efficiency by this," said Anand.

“Covid-19 really brought new challenges for us with industries and labour issues. However, there is some recovery happening now. On the gas front, there is a bit of an upside in terms of demand," said Aswani Dudeja, country head, Shell Energy India.