Govt to roll out new tariff policy, UDAY 2.0 for resolving discoms losses

All these measures are incremental measures and will again fail since the states (politicians, Discoms and state Regulators) are not with Center on any of these short term measures. If anything will work must start with Center enacting a Discom Fiscal empowerment and responsibility act, and then go on to scrap the Electricity Act 2003, which has failed in all chapters and clauses. EA 2003 was a botched up act and had no powers to enforce. Separating the State from Discom management by creating independent Electricity regulators was a horrendous mistake. Lets realise one thing, it is only the states and the Discom''s who can correct problems of Discom''s. Time has come to initiate the utility models practiced abroad than continue to slog with these half agendas.