Barr: Our Public Education System Is 'a Racist System, Maintained by the Democratic Party and the Teachers Union'

“They have kept Black Americans on the Demokkkrat plantation.“

Okay so if so go to a place like Africa blacks must be doing great right? There’s no Democrats around. How about England? How is it if blacks only do poorly from democrats they do poorly all over the world?

“Genes have nothing to do with learning.“

Incorrect. Let’s look at the PISA scores. The top four counties are Asian. Then here’s a few examples.

Subject reading...math..Science..AVG

5-Estonia 523 523 530 525

7- Finland 520 507 522 516

14- U.S.A 505 478 502 495

So USA isn’t doing so good, but the USA has to educate ghettos and Finland and Estonia are almost 100% white.

So let’s look at the US by race:

Asian 556 539 551 549

White 531 503 529 521

Hispanic 481 452 478 470

Black 448 419 440....436

American whites perform almost identical to European whites. We just don’t have as many. American Asians perform almost identical to Asian countries.

American Asians would be number 2 in the world. American whites would be number 6 (only behind the top four Asian Countries and Estonia).

American Hispanics out perform all South American countries.

American blacks outperform all majority black countries.

Finland isn’t capable of outperforming U.S. whites.