5 cheap and easy places to retire that you’ve probably never thought about

We are well off in retirement that we do not need a cheaper place to live. Singapore, I would not mind. These other poorer Asian and South America countries sound exciting but I would not move there. I am concern with the cleanliness of their food and water. I worked hard to retire early not to cut my life short with potential health problems from these countries. I am Asian and during one of my annual checkups, my doctor advise to to get a hepatitis B vaccine. What he told me and backup by articles on the web, 70% of Asians living or born in Asia have been exposed to hep B either thru the food preparation or by birth. One study think over 2 billion people worldwide have been exposed. Speaking with my brothers both think they were exposed during birth. I too have been exposed to hep B and only been in Asia until age 6. I would not be surprise that South American countries have the same issues.