Youth perspectives: Pet peeves and thrills of brand content on social media

Africa is the youngest continent with over 60% under the age of 25 according to data from UN World Population Prospects 2017 . © John Schnobrich via . I think we would all be millionaires by now if we had to earn one cent for every time we read or hear about marketer’s obsession with millennials and how marketing campaigns should be tailored to appeal to the millennials. Generation Z has already entered the workforce The reality is, they are already here and it’s time for the millennials to step aside, because Generation Z, the most connected generation of our time has already entered the workforce. Their expectations of brands and how they engage with them are being compared to the best experiences in the world. If you think businesses that offer the same products and services are your competitors, I would like to argue that in fact, your biggest competitors are the likes of GAFA, Alibaba, Uber and those brands who are creating seamless connected brand experiences and making efforts to resonate with all of their customers. This becomes a huge challenge for brands who do not meet the average expectations of their customers. Shae Leigh , digital content creator for Red and Yellow Creative School of Business scouted their campus and interviewed a few of the students to see what their pet peeves and thrills are and how brands can be more authentic with their content. This is what the youth had to say:The students made some important points that will be unpacked at this year’s Social Media Landscape Briefing taking place 16 October JHB and 18 October CT. The speakers and panellist lineup for the annual Social Media Landscape Briefing 2019, has been announced... 11 Sep 2018 In closing, I quote Bryan H. McGill, One of the most sincere forms of respect is actually listening to what another has to say. Get a daily news update via WhatsApp or sign up to our newsletters .