Video shows Israel settlers started West Bank fires, contradicting army statement

They lie constantly and cover up attrocities committed against the Palistinians constantly. It's sad. Isreal has become the new Hitler's Germany practicing apartied and hatred, murder against these people and covering it up and when you call them out on it, they play the victim and cry Antisemitism.

The game is over. The world is starting to see the charade.

You can't be a victim when YOU are the richest, control ALL the land, control ALL the money and control ALL the world through your money all while killing and displacing millions of people. Your cover is blown isreal. Your own jews commit crimes and blame it on these people and then you cover it up. You bomb these peoples school and houses and hospitals killing Palestinian children and say Hamas rigged it that way, but the world now questions EVERYTHING you ever claimed now because you've been caught time n time again covering your lies.

Isreal has lost ALL credibility.