This fisherman photographs the most disgusting creatures he finds at the bottom of the sea, and the pictures will give you nightmares

This blobfish is just one of the creatures the fisherman has found. Courtesy of Roman Fedortsov Roman Fedortsov is a fisherman from Russia who finds bizarre-looking creatures at the bottom of the sea. He created an Instagram and Twitter account to document the oddest animals that he has discovered - and the internet is intrigued and grossed out. From blobfish to sea cucumbers, Fedortsov has found some unique creatures. While we may know more about Mars' surface than we do about Earth's oceans , one fisherman is trying to shine a light on the sea we don't yet understand - and it's seriously creeping the internet out.

Roman Fedortsov, a fisherman in Russia, has created an Instagram devoted to documenting the strange, bizarre, and oftentimes cringe-worthy creatures he finds at the bottom of the ocean.

"No need to invent monsters," Fedorstov wrote in one tweet . "Nature has already done it."

Fedortsov has worked as a fisherman for 11 years. Courtesy of Roman Fedortsov He has been fascinated by some of the creatures he has found in the ocean. Courtesy of Roman Fedortsov While out at sea, he is meant to search for cod, haddock, halibut, redfish, and herring. Courtesy of Roman Fedortsov But sometimes he finds creatures that truly are horrifying. Courtesy of Roman Fedortsov "People have no idea what fish can look like," Fedortsov said. Courtesy of Roman Fedortsov He continued, "I was really impressed by the appearance of some deep sea fish, and I wanted to share my experience with other people." Courtesy of Roman Fedortsov Now he has thousands of followers who are interested in seeing what he finds in the water. Courtesy of Roman Fedortsov A lot of the creatures he documents are from the Norwegian and Barents seas. Some are also from the Atlantic Ocean. Courtesy of Roman Fedortsov Fedortsov has never been scared of anything he has caught. Instead, he said he feels "interested and impressed." Courtesy of Roman Fedortsov Some creatures do surprise him, though, like this strange octopus. Couresty of Roman Fedortsov No matter what he discovers, he loves to make jokes about the fish. He called this one a "Cheshire cat." Courtesy of Roman Fedortsov Fedortsov called this fish "starry night." Courtesy of Roman Fedortsov Meanwhile, he said this one looks like a "cartoon dragon." Courtesy of Roman Fedortsov