Israel army admits blindfolding Palestinians against protocol

Just as an obsevation, The cloths around the above mens heads (above) are not fit for purpose as blindfolds.

They are strips of what soldiers use in which to clean rifles. (Pull through) and it comes as a roll (Google rifle cleaning cloth)

It has lines printed into it in which to correspond to the size of the rifle barrlel (so you have the right size to clean the barrel and not suffer it getting stuck in the barrel (Happens) resulting in the rilfe becoming U/S , out of action (not a good thing on the battle field) and a trip to the armoury and the offender on a charge.

The cloth is designed so it can be torn on the lines very easily by hand and so it is woven very loosly in which to facilitate that tearing with it been not opaque at all. In otherwords...You can see through it.