In first, UK university divests from firms supplying Israel army

Thank you for providing your source and the self-exposing snark that came with it.

That report says nothing about the 3rd class citizens, the Arabs, but everything about the lack of conscience guiding the happy invader sociopaths that deprived another people of their homes and lands. Since the large majority of the Palestinians are now refugees or under attack because of the invader Zio-terrorists, why shouldn't they be unhappy?

Yes, I know a lot about happiness, and how sociopaths blissfully deprive good people of it. All I have to do is look at the happy invader Zio-terrorists and their robbed, maimed, and murdered victims.

You still haven't explained your bull excrement of claiming the Arab citizens to be happy about the invader Zio-terrorist regime clamped on them. Let's clear away your bull excrement. Let's look at Haneen Zoabi trying to clear away the murderousness of the invader Zio-terrorist regime.

Haneen Zoabi, Oren Hazan - backlash over Israeli murder on the high seas

At Israel's apartheid parliament, all 107 Zionist Members of Knesset are incapable of dealing with the simple facts about the civilian suffering in Gaza or the murderous attack on the Mavi Marmara. This relates to both the deep-rooted supremacy in Zionism, which insists on seeing 'the others' as lesser-than if not alltogether subhuman, as well as the ultra-militaristic nature of the state which treats the army and its soldiers as flawless, at best, and more often than not as holy. MK Oren Hazan: "I won't keep quiet! No one will use this podium to hurt the soldiers and the State of Israel! What she is doing is treason! Real treason! You are a traitor!" The meeting Chair, MK Amar Hamad: "MK Haneen Zoabi, I ask you to apologize for what you said about IDF soldiers." MK Haneen Zoabi: "This was the minor crime, but there's also the major crime: 2 million human beings who you love to forget! Reside away from your consciousness - 2 million human beings! They have no medicine, you are not supposed to forget them! A whole generation who had never left... There's a whole generation who had never left Gaza! You are dealing with a place which according to the UN will become uninhabitable by 2020!"