GBCSA announces rebrand of Green Star SA rating system

Green Building Council South Africa's (GBCSA) Green Star SA rating system has been rebranded Green Star Africa to support its uptake throughout the continent. Green Star was originally developed by the Green Building Council Australia (GBCA), and was licensed to GBCSA in 2008 for use in South Africa. One Airport Square, Ghana Under a new agreement, the GBCSA is now licenced to certify green buildings throughout the African continent with the Green Star rating system. The licence agreement allows the GBCSA, in collaboration with other African green building councils, to sub-licence and use Green Star with their Local Context Report to certify buildings in their respective countries. View the Local Context Reports.

GBCSA certified green buildings in Africa

Thulani Kuzwayo, regional chair of the Africa Regional Network of green building councils, adds that the GBCSA has been certifying green buildings across the continent outside of South Africa since 2014. Green Star certified buildings are now found in Ghana, Rwanda, Namibia and Kenya, with upcoming registered projects in Nigeria, Uganda, Tanzania and Mauritius to follow.

“It is fitting that the Green Star rating system name now encompasses the entire continent as the green building movement goes from strength to strength in the region.”

“The growth of green buildings in Africa and involvement of the industry is truly inspirational and the GBCSA has driven a new way of thinking about green buildings – one which captures the benefits of green building not only for the environment, but for people too,” says the GBCA’s chief executive officer, Romilly Madew.

“The GBCSA’s work has helped to demonstrate that, the world over, building rating systems are one of the most powerful mechanisms to drive positive change and market transformation, and to build better places for people too. I’m optimistic that this new era for Green Star will help other countries in Africa to achieve success too.”