A British man’s testicle ‘exploded like a volcano’ after he contracted salmonella on holiday in Africa

A MAN’S testicle “exploded like a volcano” after he got a rare disease while on holiday in Africa.

David Worsley, 59, caught African salmonella, a strain of the infection which was confined to his genital area, in Tunisia.

The British grandfather was in agony as his testicles swelled to 10 times their normal size when he got home, reports The Sun.

His left testicle then burst as he had a bath and he is now taking legal action against holiday tour operator TUI.

He said: “I was told that I had a rare form of salmonella called African salmonella.

“After the holiday, my testicle had swollen to the size of a grapefruit and it was so heavy it was like it was made of glass.

“The pain was so bad I thought I was going to die.

“When it finally exploded I felt fantastic. It was such a relief.

media_camera David Worsley was staying at the Rui Marco Polo Hotel in Tunisia when he became ill. Picture: Google Earth

“The doctor said I was highly contagious and that I wasn’t allowed to sleep with my wife. I was walking around holding them all the time, it was so heavy.”

“A few days later, I woke up at about 5am with the most excruciating pain in my left testicle. I could barely move and I was in tears from the agony.

Worsley said: “It literally went bang. When the doctor saw it later she said that it was like a volcano exploding. But it was such a relief because the pain had been so bad.”

“It has definitely affected me psychologically, it’s a big part of being a man that has gone.”

The security guard was with wife Joanne, 50, at the Rui Marco Polo Hotel in Hammamet when he fell ill in 2014.

Despite sickness and a high temperature, he claims a TUI representative said he just had sunstroke.

media_camera The man (not pictured) said the illness has “affected [him] psychologically”. Picture: iStock

Back home he spent 10 days in hospital but the burst came a day after he was discharged.

Worsley’s lawyer, Hannah Crosby, said: “This is one of the worst holidays from hell I have seen.”

TUI said it would be “inappropriate to comment” because of the legal proceedings.

D Carol Cooper told The Sun that African salmonella is a newer type of bacteria that spreads easily to other people. It’s said to be more resistant to antibiotics and it’s also more liable to pass from the gut into the bloodstream and cause sepsis.

It can be deadly, especially to older people.

This story was originally published in The Sun and is reprinted with permission.

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