Life is Strange – Review

School begins
School begins

The life of a teenager is not a simple one. While age has a way of making us forget all the turmoil of our past teenage years, here comes a game that not only brings that back but it brings it back in a wonderful, twisted way.

The Story

This is the story of Max Caulfield. She is a photography student at Blackwell Academy, in her hometown of Arcadia Bay, Oregon. By accident, she discovers that she can rewind time in short bursts. This takes her onto an adventure not unlike your own, when you were her age. Remember how you wanted to reverse time in order to get a better grade, or to save yourself a moment of embarrassment? This is what could have happened if you actually did it.

I can’t get too much into the story without spoiling things for you but I will say this: in 30 years I have yet to see a better written, more enticing and more chord striking story.

The Sound

A great story also needs great sound. That includes voice acting, music and everything in-between. Thankfully, this game has it all and it has it in spades. Hannah Telle does a great job portraying the shy yet outgoing Maxine Caulfield and the rest of the cast stand up on their own as well. This is not a “one-man show” but more likely it is a beautifully orchestrated symphony of voice acting with modern indie folk music in the background.


If you are expecting Call of Duty level of graphics, don’t. Just like with the story and the sound, the game prides itself on creating a unique atmosphere. Like viewing reality through a photography student’s Photoshop filter. It is not ‘comicky’ like the Walking Dead, nor is it realistic like Still Life. Something in-between, contributing abundantly to the overall atmosphere of the game.

Final Thoughts

While the game won numerous awards, it is still one of the most underrated games of 2015. For some reason, perhaps due to the abundancy of so-called A-list cardboard copy games such as Call of Duty, it has failed to find the praise and reach that it truly deserves. For us here at Gulf Times, this is by far the best game of 2015 and the best adventure game of the last decade.